Ambient Video Installation

In 2013, Thomas started his first video production. For a long time already, he had been thinking about the possibility to combine his static feeling of high-speed motion with Phantom's leading high-speed video technique. 

Thomas knew already that this would be challenging, and would require a whole new look at the comprehensiveness motion that in photography would get torn out of it's context. In video however, the whole context would be exposed, and because of this it would be important to direct the whole scene in a different way to be able to seamlessly connect different gestures.

As part of the whole art photography decoration of the Scandic Ørnen (Eagle) hotel in Bergen, Thomas was asked to create an ambient video that would loop continuously in the hotels lobby. Filming motion at a frame rate of over 3,500 fps creates a perfect ambiance, and eagles in different situations would be the thoroughgoing motive of the whole sequence. 

The video is projected on the black glass wall that is completely integrated in the hotel's design, which also adds to the surprising element in suddenly seeing a moving eagle flying over the wall. This way, a lot of the time the guests would be sitting in the lobby lounge without anything happening in the projection. But from time to time it offers a surprising momentary visual experience. 

In total, this became a half-hour video featuring a Golden Eagle in different situations. 

Short outtake from the whole sequence

The sequence projected in the lobby is without music, and without time-remapping.

Get a quick impression of how the video looks in this time-lapse from the hotel:

A quick impression of the installation at the Hotel