Aquarama, Kristiansand

On a Tuesday, Thomas got a call from an earlier client, Asplan Viak Architects, requesting artwork for their newest project, a big wellbeing facility in Kristiansand called Aquarama. They urgently wanted Thomas to create a piece of art, only giving him two guidelines: The colors had to be blue, and it had to be shot underwater. 

Quickly, Thomas arranged a swimming pool as the location for his shoot, and scouted a model and a blue design dress together with blue and white scarfs to use in the setting. 

During the shoot

The day after, he was all set in Lustrabadet with full diving gear, 3 models and a very specific vision he wanted to visualize. The shoot took about 3 hours and 2 sets of oxygen, and the next day he was in Oslo to discuss with the production company how to produce this image in the best possible way. While Thomas put the technicians to figure out how to do this, Thomas got going on the post production and color profile handling of the files.

Two hours later, two images where ready printed in the highest possible quality, and where put in Thomas' van as he wanted to personally drive the artwork to Kristiansand to get it there as quickly as possible.

On friday, the results where proudly displayed inside Aquarama's swimming pool, only three days after the clients' request had reached Thomas.

The result