Hasselblad & DJI vs. Thomas Morel

Early December 2015, Thomas was asked to deliver a groundbreaking piece of artwork to celebrate the partnership between Hasselblad and DJI. Hasselblad had already been a trusted parter to Thomas, but DJI, and their drone products was something completely new to Thomas. Having to combine the groundbreaking technology of both companies, Thomas quickly came up with an idea that could show the qualities of both companies, as well as something that was to compliment Thomas' skill of mastering the technique to freeze high-speed motion into something elegant and intriguing. 

Following the announcement of a new strategic partnership, Hasselblad and DJI, the leader in camera drone technology, are launching a compelling series of features and interviews with some of the most innovative artists working in imaging today. Creator’s Choice will present a snapshot of the person behind the work and their unique vision brought to life using Hasselblad and DJI professional imaging products.

Thomas Morel

About Thomas Morel

From DJI and Hasselblad's platforms:

Former gymnast Thomas Morel (28) is a master at freezing frantic life. His mission is always to seize the moment as the camera captures it – in a true recording of a slice of time.

Thomas (already twice nominated for a prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award) first picked up a Hasselblad at age 18, two years after the Morel family moved to live by a Norwegian fjord to start an organic farming business.

Today he runs a successful studio in Bergen, has a base in New York City – and counts The International Olympic Committee, The New York City Ballet and The Norwegian National Opera as clients.

Now Thomas plans to fully capitalise on the new Hasselblad/DJI strategic partnership that enables him to exploit the latest technology from two world-leading organisations.

He says: ‘As a professional I need gear that works no matter how hard I push it. I have been using Hasselblad technology for my high-speed work for many years. These are tools I just cannot live without. The Hasselblad central shutter system means I can fully exploit high-speed flash options and the cameras themselves provide me with image files with almost limitless resolution. This is a system that just works flawlessly. Repeatedly.’

He adds: ‘The Inspire 1 Pro professional film-making platform is also a piece of equipment I very quickly fell in love with.

Extremely intuitive to use, it offers a point of view that provides unlimited creative possibilities to document my way of working. Being able to stand at one point and simultaneously experience the world from the eye of the Inspire, high up in the sky, is truly groundbreaking. I am especially impressed by the extreme stability of the camera, even though I had to fly it pretty close to its limits regarding altitude, temperature and speed. Just like Hasselblad, it always performs and produces perfect results.’

The Project

Both Hasselblad and DJI have written about their collaboration with Thomas Morel.

Read more from Hasselblad here.

Read more from DJI here.

To really put both Hasselblad's and DJI's technology to the test, Thomas created a visual story of a kayaker rocketing down a mountain in one of Norway's most beautiful locations: The Sognefjord. He wanted the kayaker to start on top of the mountain to enable him to shoot the athlete in an explosion of powder snow, following him all the way with his drone and high-speed Phantom camera.

After the first shot, the kayaker would continue through the landscape, and end up in a half-frozen river where the second shot would have been initiated. Finally, Thomas wanted to implement one of his earlier underwater kayak shots into the sequence, and showed how to shoot the athlete going down a 5 meter waterfall; shot from under the surface. 

The Photography

The Videography

Here is the video that it is all about. Create to Inspire, and the Future of Possible, combined with Thomas' vision of visual art. Take a look at what Thomas creates to give you a visually pleasant experience.
All directed and shot by Thomas Morel with his Hasselblad, DJI and Phantom high-speed technology. Assistance and models by Kayak Voss.
Everything is shot on location in Vik i Sogn, Myrkdalen and the Nærøyfjord National Park, Norway.
Music: Penrose Rabbithole, exclusively by Ugress.

In this video Thomas Morel's unique vision is brought to life using Hasselblad and DJI professional imaging products. Learn more at http://www.hasselblad.com/our-world/feature/creators-choice-thomas-morel



Some of the short 15 second sequences are to be seen here:
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Underwater shot, published by Hasselblad

Above water shot, published by DJI

Powder explosion shot, published by Hasselblad